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Do overs suck no matter what they are!!

Always praying! :-)

My doctor makes me wait (at least) 3 months between egg retrievals (this time, because of a suspected diagnosis of endometriosis - it's going to be more like 5 months due to the 'treatment'). I find the waiting to move forward very frustrating (no IVF = 0% chance of baby each month)... but others appreciate the break.

All that to say it's a personal & individual decision. I'll cheer you on, whatever you decide.

i know all people are different but did your doctor offer up any advice regarding the next procedure or when it should take place? sounds like you could proceed but would it be better to wait a month? Can the follicles increase over time? Would waiting help them be more n sync? i have not one iota of knowledge regarding these procedures and less knowledge about knitting so i'm not much help. just know i keep pom poms at the ready.

i would have set fire to that sweater, you got game.

My clinic recommends a month off between cycles. I have to say by the time the off cycle was over I was so ready to start again. It might be a little hard on your body to go right back into it. But what do I know, I'm still not pregnant.

I have done the twisted cast on one time. Grrr it's so frustrating, but I'll probably never do it again.

My doctor did a laparoscopy a few months before each IVF to make sure everything was clean and ready (but that could be just an endometriosis thing). Good luck with whatever you decide. Maybe you should wait till the sweater is done so you're not so stressed out :)

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