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there's always blocking! maybe you can shrink your way into it.

double point needles, as if the actual knitting itself isn't scary enough...i so admire anyone who has the patience for this hobby. my kids had a super-deluxe chem teacher who could knit a dress overnight. She did skirts, hats, mufflers, and yes, dresses..color-block, striped...really gorgeous items. i was in awe, so i can't wait to see your finished product. wp is very smart to point out you could be knitting for two. i'm going to go with that and look forward to more photos. why don't you knit something for the doggies and send us a picture of those/on them, which reminds me of something totally unrelated to knitting but so funny about dogs. i'll try to find it...stay tuned.

i hope this works and i apologize for it having nothing to do with sweaters. it's just plain funny, especially for dog lovers...i'm not slick on tech stuff, hope it's a live link...


I don't know how to knit, but I do understand the basics of crochet and when I got engaged, I had some hare-brained (hair-brained?) idea that I was going to start crocheting on a regular basis. I bought a book of patterns for socks --

*NOTE: Now-husband wants to know WHO wants to wear yarn socks.

-- and completely disregarded anything like needle size or proportions, figuring that I was smarter than the yarn and would just figure it out.

I ended up crocheting what was essentially a yarn condom.

So I am very impressed by people who actually can make something reasonable out of yarn, and I think your sweater will be very beautiful when you are wearing it while pregnant.

WHEN ... not if ... then the sweater will be perfect.

yep, it look like it'll be perfec for lolling around on new year's day :-)

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