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That was quite the game wasn't it!? I was a wreck. A goal in the last 18.5 seconds is so awesome. There's just something about the ones that are made in the last few minutes of a game. That was exceptional last night. Raffi is a beast!!

I wonder if Burrows will be reprimanded for biting. LOL he shouldn't have done it but he might get away with it. Not sure who'd play first line with the Sedins if he is out a game or two.

Jealous of your pillow but I had my Canucks snuggie over me last night.

Go Canucks Go!!

I live in Michigan, so of course I'm a Red Wings fan. But since my team was knocked out in round 2, I will cheer for the Canucks! How are you feeling in the 2 week wait? I know it's a long time! (I'm now 6 wks & heard the heart beat today) Go IVF!

I was wondering! FYI rose quartz is supposed to be a good thing to wear to "enhance" fertility, but maybe you already knew that and that's why you're wearing it...
crossing fingers for you.

I should have put some fancy pants trim on that little pillow... pretty it up a bit....
GO Canucks GO!!!!

well, what a big week you've had! i'm behind mounds of laundry & recovering from all the fun we had at disneyworld and also just plain behind on everything.
so-embryos look great (yippee, yippee, yippee)
so-guacamole looks good
so-garden looks green
and isn't it nice of the 'nucks to get your mind off your embryos with all this playoff business! as a sports fan (although not hockey) i know what it's like to have 'your team' keep winning so i hope all goes well with that cup thing.
does this mean the name stanley is on the list of baby names?
best, best, best

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