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I flew at 8 weeks. Nobody said anything about it not being a good idea...

All these decisions -- it's never easy, is it?

It would never occur to me to worry about flying early in pregnancy. And, plenty of women travel to do IVF cycles, and have to fly home a few days after transfer. Since they travel to go to the top clinics in the country, and the top clinics have great statistics, I'd say it probably doesn't hurt your chances to fly.

I'd be more worried about how flying impacts you than the flying itself. Lots of stress hormones etc. can't be good, but if you don't mind flying, why not?

ask your doc...and keep in mind how many women fly after they are pregnant but before they know it. also don't know if you're a scary flyer albeit a well-seasoned one...i'd go w/doc's opinion. i flew a day after my amnio and all that turned out well. i can't imagine that flying would be more stressful than knitting!

a friend of mine lives in Texas but had her IVF transfer at CCRM in Colorado (which I've heard is one of the best clinics in the world, by the way) ... anyway ... she flew just a few days after the transfer because, well, she had to get home. And she now has a lovely little one-year-old munchkin. But I second jerie b ... ask your doc.

I'm with Jen. It would never occur to me to not fly during pregnancy except in late pregnancy, because who really wants to give birth on a plane?
Seriously though. In the years I spent as a moderator for an online TTC community I never once heard anything about flying being bad. Even if it were pre-implantation I can't see it being a problem.

Go with your heart if the doc thinks all is well. Only you know what is best for you. Don't let flying into that equation though.


I was pretty nuts about following every possible guideline when I was preganant. Never ate lunchmeat, gave up coffee (although that was involuntary), never ate undercooked eggs, no hot tubs, etc etc etc... But I've never heard the plane flying concern, and I wouldn't have been concerned about that. BUT if it's going to stress you out, don't do it. I get really stressed when I fly, so I avoided it for that reason. You can't eliminate stress while pregnant, of course, but minimize it any way you can. Good luck!

I say trust your gut! Do what feels right. Good luck with the decision!!

And my 2 cents (for what it's worth): newly pregnant Huma Abedin (spouse of infamous Anthony Weiner, my congressman) is flying with Sec of State Hillary Clinton this week to Africa (!).

I would say trust your instinct. I flew (round trip for a weekend) and tested positive 3 or 4 days after I returned. And I also flew (round trip) when I was 10 weeks pregnant. For me, I would have regretted cancelling the trips (especially the first one) had I not been pregnant. It was a risk that I was willing to take, but everyone has to make that decision on what is right for them...

I flew a few times in the first trimester. Only later did I find out there's a lot of radiation when you fly. Baby's fine though. Don't go through the new scanners - they don't have have their story straight on whether that's harmful or not.


I fly for my IVF treatments. So I've flown the day after a transfer. I've gotten pregnant twice but ended up with early miscarriages both times.

I do know you're exposed to more radiation flying but I think they talk about 200+ hours of flying during pregnancy being bad.

I've never heard anything about flying in the first trimester and I've heard about many, many other things to avoid. It's funny, like Amy, I also thought of Huma's travels upon reading your post. And I also think you should go if traveling to Minnesota means going on a fun and relaxing trip, rather than a crazy business trip . . .But, of course, I agree with all who say follow what your doctor says. So, it turns out, I'm no help at all.

I don't think the actual flying is that bad, but think about lifting luggage and rushing through airports. After IVF transfer, you want to relax and take it easy. All those drugs take a toll on your body. My advice is to wait a while before the next round anyway.

Did cheap jerseys just mock me???? How rude!


You could always take the train. Even though its longer you get some time to look at the landscape that you just fly over in a plane.

Side not how excited are you that the Canucks are only one win away from the cup!!!

Why exactly does your acupuncturist not like flying?
stress? Does he think that you specifically should not fly?

I think you'll know what to do after you get your dr's opinion

so sorry about your first round-xxo

I think the one evidence based-concern around flying and early pregnancy was mentioned in an earlier comment by Evelyn, - the emf radiation.

It's the non-heating or non-ionizing radiation, like the radiation from cell-phones and wifi that can be very strong throughout the whole airport-to-airport experience.

Strong research shows that this kind of radiation exposure killed chicken embryos and is linked developmentally to externalizing behavioral problems around age 7 in kids exposed prenatally.

We have to keep our children, from conception to adulthood out of the electro-smog!

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