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I was watching the game but half way through the third I just couldn't watch anymore. :(

There is always next year. Glad you had a good day and more to come.

i'm sorry your team lost but you seem to have your ducks all lined up and that new comfy chair so there's that.
my days are winning and full of kids home from college. i hatched a couple of night owls so we don't get going til after ten...movies, popcorn, cable and laughing at old videos...the dog comes in and out..checks on snoring husband, then back to guilt me into finally coming to bed. at two we say our goodnights & sweet dreams, i get in bed, ipod drowns out snoring, dog cuddles and i know were my kids are. winning doesn't even come close to describing that feeling.
some night in the future, you'll love feeling that, too. sweet dreams.

I missed it. The game, I missed it. :-( I went to the dr. this morning for a UTI, got some antibiotics, and 5 minutes before puck drop started throwing up. It got so bad that the dr had to call me in an rx for that and that one totally knocked me out.
I don't know...maybe the hockey gods were sparing me the pain of watching the loss. :-(
I just saw live TV from Vancouver just now....they are rioting. Turning over and burning cars in the streets. Not good.

Glad you had a good day!!

Sorry Canucks, I was actually rooting for you! I am having a winning week because I am a teacher and school's out for summer! Glad your day went well!

have you seen the riots???? not cool ...

I don't know from Canucks but I'm sorry you were bummed. And YAY on your successful meeting. And... I did have a winning day -- nay, a winning WEEK! Very good work things happening, and a future that looks shiny and bright and new.

Have a great rest of the week!

great to hear you are on a positive track!

Oh my. Living in Vancouver and losing the Cup and then the mayhem and mess that followed ...... such a sad day for us fans and Vancouverites.
But it is over now and we move on to NEXT YEAR!!!! What to do with Luongo...

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