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ya know, things like this don't 'just happen'...


a serenblissitous moment, brace yourself for a forceful blisskrieg!

(i'm with jerie, i all the while when reading i kept thinking, this is sarah's own version of "the more i practice, the luckier i get".)

Lovely post.

I like it!

Great story!

I can see your grandmother sending you the flower to remind you that good things (and surprises) will happen if you are patient enough.

What a beautiful post.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

love this.

That's awesome, Sarah!

I love this story. Thank you for sharing it! Here's to all the good things ahead!

"He likes this particular kind of cactus that I find absolutely hideous. It's raggedy and grows like a weed, and leaves marks if you let it grow against the house. It has not one single redeeming quality."

This should remind us all that something this ugly can result in something so beautiful.

Definitely a sign Sarah!!


Beautiful reminder, SF ... Thank you!!

This story just brought tears to my eyes - so great on so many levels.

palpable...that's the word i was looking for...palpable

You were so blessed to have someone as strong as your grandmother in your life who was able to give you the support you needed to find your path. Talk to her every day and everywhere in addition to your garden chats. I'm sure she's not far.

I'd say that George is part of your grandmother's response, too, because he's changed your habits about heading outside so you could appreciate all of your yard.

When you place him with his forever home, find someone who will tune in to his old soul.

Good luck!

Oh yes, that's a sign. I have that happen to me with rainbows occasionally. Just when I need one, even if it's not really rainbow weather, they appear. It's been freaky. Glad for your flower sign from your Grandma. She's watching out for you.

I'm rooting for George. I think he is a good luck charm!!

What a beautiful post. I have a friend who says her sister (who has passed) communicates through hula hoops. It's magically childlike.

beautiful, beautiful post. I am very hopeful for you. You will be a wonderful mom.

I believe in signs! Sometimes I think maybe they are real signs, sometimes they are signs to keep your hopes up, and hang in there. Good either way! :)

Wow. That's a sign indeed.

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