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40 is just a random number, not a goal, not a deal-breaker, well, maybe a goal but certainly no throw-in-the-towel situation...just a number. besides, 'life begins at 40'...not ends at 40....drink up.
my chicks will be going back to school in less than 2 weeks. they are 20 and i'm on the other side, far on the other side of 61. i've enjoyed everything about them (aside from back-to-back chicken pox)..we've watched their baby videos, bar mitzvah slide show (they would plotz if they could see this)...we had dinners & drinks out a lot and i'm old enough to appreciate every moment...it's our gig...wise older mom...it's how we roll...you'll roll too..no doubt about it. cheers!

You mentioned supplements; curious if they include DHEA and/or COQ10? I've read good things about these. . .

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