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Tennis bracelet. Nicer than a tennis raquet.

Oh, good idea Christi!! Definitely jewelry. Tennis bracelet would be nice. Large carat count . ;-) You only turn 40 once!!!

Go with the painting! If you don't care about age and don't care about your hair color, skip the jewelry and go with a great piece of art.

One that you love and the minute you come home it brings you joy or peace or whatever you want from a piece of art.

Or maybe a cool sculpture for the new patio.

Art, definitely go for Art.

I get jewellery when I travel, small to carry and hide in luggage and lasts longer when I get home. I have loved my silver rings the best!

Art is something I would consider too but with jewellery you can have it visible if you want to see it without wearing it and it doesn't take up much room and impact the rest of the look of the room as much as art does.

Have fun looking for things!

i'd go with art or experience -- a climbing holiday? starting a band?

jewellery: rubies? for your price is far above them ;-)

A while ago, I bought a wonderful porch swing that sits on my deck outside the kitchen I love sitting outside to read, watch the birds or just relax - rocking/swinging always does that for me ... I love how it calls me to get out of the house and watch fireworks or the stars at night too .. whatever it is, something that feels good and every time you look at it, you smile inside!

Trip to Greece? Small flat in Stockholm? Lear jet, so you never have to fly commercial again? How about a boat? You said you wanted to learn how to sail...if not the boat, lessons?

I think you might be looking for something that signifies and celebrates what this phase in your life means to you. It could be anything -- jewelry, a tattoo, art, an original manuscript, an instrument -- but it seems like you want something to commemorate where you are right now in your journey. One of my friends bought a ring for herself when her divorce was final. Ostensibly, she was replacing the ring she was removing, but it was really about much more than that. It was about her ability to provide for herself, both financially and emotionally. It was about moving forward and owning herself. It was about finding her own beauty and not letting others express it for her.

If you're thinking about art, might I recommend North Carolina fiber artist http://www.jeanaeveklein.com/. Her pieces truly tell stories. They are detailed and amazing. I think you would particularly like her mixed media quilts.

And, uh, there's no bias at all on my part. None. What, our last names are the same? Huh? Just... um... coincidence.


i requested & received a gold charm bracelet. don't faint. i had a silver one..every girl i know had one..don't know if it's a southern thing but we all had one. but i wanted a grown-up one and i wanted it gold.
i treasure it. after almost 22 years of collecting & receiving charms, i have my story on my wrist. trips, events, honors, interests, and some just plain fun ones from friends and then there's the ones i have from my daddy and my grandmother who are no longer here..gifts only they could have picked. my
sons' high school rings, my mother-in-law's sorority pin...memories and milestones..all things jerie b -i've handed to to wiggly children at weddings, it has lots of miles on it and i wonder who might one day wear it and love it..whatever you choose..let it be something that you can look at or touch and you can hand down...something with a story. 40 is the new 20, but with sense....hang on!


I love my Helen Ficalora charm necklace. I bought it for myself for "35" and wear it nearly every day.

How about some fruit trees for your mom's/your future/your eventual kid(s) future-r vacation property.

You've taken such pains to keep it in the family and to grow it. Start or add to an orchard there now, forever.


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