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Good Luck with your period and IVF! I'm guessing you are not on BC pills? My doctor put me on them before both IVFs so she could control when my period started. Then I could schedule my day 2 appointments in advance. I really hope it all works for you this time. I'm now 20 weeks and it's a girl. Like I mentioned before- God makes happy endings. If it's not happy, then it's not the end!!!

The waiting and the questions/anxiety about the timing are nerve wracking. I hope she comes on Saturday for you! Just a note, talk to your doctor about how you should modify your workouts during stimulation. Because of the stim drugs and the size of your ovaries, anything more than moderate exercise is a bit risky. See what your doc says, it may be an excuse for you to tone down your trainer intensity for a few weeks. Good luck!

hope mother nature comes calling soon...thinking the good thoughts

Oh my I was the same way in the middle of my IVF hay days. I still do my temp every morning. Only because our lutal phase is the consistent part of our cycle and once I figured out how long mine was I can predict exactly what day my period will start on once my temp rises from ovulation. I love it. It's so very geeky.

oh dear. You do know that the shuttles are all grounded, right?

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