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This doesn't have to do with kitchen gadgets, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Secret Circle tonight! I was going to read the books this summer to get a sense of the story, but ran out of time (that's how I got into TVD). I found the fist episode very catchy and I look forward to see what the witches have in store for the future! (Of course, I loved TVD too :) Thursday is my favorite tv night by far!

haha, i totally see what you mean. i don't actually own so many gadgets (i would buy myself a kitchen aid mixer, but i've not enough counter space to display it in an appropriate manner -- it is a piece of art, after all!), but i do go "shopping for them" when i feel it's time to get my life in order. i do cook, though. without an apron :-)

my favourite? my hob-to-oven enameled cast iron thingy with removable handle. it can make anything!!!

I'm the same way - I love gadgets even though the act of cooking usually just seems like way too much work!

Favorite kitchen gadget - it is this thing that cores and de-skins a pineapple (what does pineapple have? skin? a shell? I'm not sure...), which I find important for a couple reasons. 1. I love fresh pineapple (and it doesn't require actually cooking!). 2. Cutting a pineapple is a pain. Not hard, but definitely a pain.

My two favorite kitchen gadgets, especially since have a kid - my crockpot and my bread machine. I feel oh-so-productive on a Sunday when I have both going at the same time!

My husband is the real cook in the house; however, on the rare occasions when I do cook, I love our Acti-fry. I won it about two years ago in contest and we use it religiously. If you like french fries but are watching your weight, the Acti-fry is your friend. A tablespoon of oil and you're good to go. We love sprinkling a little sumac on our fries. Yum!


I love knives. Perfect knives that fit my hand beautifully! Sharp,serrated, chefs knives, porcelain knives, japanese knives. You name it I love then all. I even use them all!

I have a gimmicky bacon microwaver that I LOVE: http://www.amazon.com/Makin-Bacon-Microwave-Rack-Cameron/dp/B0002HSFB2. Now I can have a strip or two of bacon a couple times a week and it's so easy.

My guilty pleasure is gardening books. I love to pore over them, imagining and planning pots of flowers, beds of herbs, rows of vegetables ... but I just don't like to get my hands dirty. :)

I bought a cherry pitter earlier this summer. I honestly don't know how I went so long without one... It's really too bad that cherries aren't in season year round.

Kitchen gadgets are a big part of my life, too. I have the tajine, garlic slicer, mandoline, ravioli press... you get where I'm going. I cook during hiautses, and I really wish I was better and more consistent with it.

Invest in a GOOD blender - for example, the Ninja Prep - because it's a TIME SAVER when pureeing baby food. BPA free ice cube trays and a silicone veggie steamer are also handy for baby food!!

I love kitchen/cooking stuff. I probably have 2 dozen cake pans and 500 cookie cutters that I've never used (I did use my Kitchen Aid mixer twice). And yep, still collecting.

If you're looking for a great blender, go Vita-Mixer. I use ours for everything from smoothies to pureeing soups and tomatoes (sauce) and tomatillos (enchilada sauce)... it's wonderful!

I suppose you already have a rice cooker? I was pretty meh about getting one until we did, and then--wow--don't want to be without one ever again. That and my crock pot get me through the winter soup-and-stew season...

I considered getting an antique Kitchamajig, just because the name is so cool, but realized I would never use it. Since then, I look at all the kitchen equipment I never use -- good quality stuff that my mother gave me -- and can't wait to donate it to the thrift store. I prefer having space than clutter, or at least I *think* I do. Or wish I did.

My favorite kitchen gadget is probably my peeler - boring, I know, but it shaves off the thinnest skin from my kiwis leaving as much of the plump juicy center as possible, there's just no comparison to my old peeler. Then again I do have a special place in my heart for my Microplane, The Cheese Knife, my garlic press, the list goes on and on. I too am a kitchem item addict.

aside from Cutco knives & veggie peeler, gumbo pot, coffee pot i have a new favorite thing: Sprongs...william-sonoma made by Littledeer...old one broke from so much use and i bypassed goyard and louis vuitton stores here in SF and headed right for williams sonoma to get new ones..bought 2..about $24 each...a million uses. i also love cookbooks, like to read them especially ones from parts of the south..my mother had one as a girl and she colored all the pictures w/colored pencils...i loved it as a little girl and love it more now.
hope you and your guest are having a ball...you sound good

I'm with actuary. I find myself tossing kitchen gadgets pretty often. Or unloading them on someone else. haha My kitchen isn't that big so I like to save my space as best as I can. On the counter top I only like to keep my coffee maker, toaster and a Starbucks canister I keep the coffee in. I DO use my Kitchenaid mixer probably once a week.

I guess my have thing is this http://www.cuisinartwebstore.com/detail/CUI+CSB%2D77

It does SO much and takes up so little space. It's pops right in the dishwasher too so easy to clean!

favorite item- Le Creuset 6qt enameled cast iron casserole. everything tastes better when cooked in it!

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