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Yes! I watched it this weekend too -- had seen it once already -- and told my mom that the reason it cracked me up was because women REALLY talk to each other like that. It seemed so real to me, even if it was over the top at times.

I loved Bridesmaids, of course. Other movies that I think really capture female friendship are Romy & Michele's High School Reunion and Riding in Cars w Boys (when Brittany Murphy's character gets up and announces that she, too, is pregnant at Drew Barrymore's shotgun wedding -- pitch perfect).

Ok, you've convinced me. Next free night I have, that's what I'm watching.

Oh, and apparently I can't spell my own name. Geez.

YES to Alexis. Especially that close-to-the-opening scene in the coffee shop (donut shop? wherever they are). I LOVE the way they are together.

i've waited until today to comment because i was afraid i'd get kicked out of the club and thrown off the team and y'all wouldn't do that to somebody on their birthday and Rosh Hashanah...but, i hated bridesmaids. please don't do anything that would force me to eat the entire coconut cake my momma brought me..or at least wait til next week...Yom Kippur..we fast on that one!

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