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Oooo! Wishing you well!!!

this is soooooo exciting!! you sound wonderful..i know you are just grinning from ear to ear..and you should...so am i so are we all

sounds like all-systems go.......things falling into place...let's get us a baby!

going to dallas for lsu/oregon (not that u asked)..kiddos driving up. prayers appreciated..since there is praying going on...will be checking.. neiman's has a wonderful baby dept...might have to browse...yippee, yippee, yippee

I know how difficult this struggle is and I wish you all the best.

Best of luck :)

onward AND upward.

fingers are crossed!!!

Let me know when to bring over a giant pan of knocked-up mac & cheese.

Fantastico! Good luck.

Yee Haw!

I know. Oddly that was the sentement that popped to mind immediately. Don't ask me, just go with it.

i say giddy-up....with a nod to tx and to eris....kiddos arriving within minutes..prayers are answered..trust me on that...big girl panties=booyeah!

Yeah for doing! I'm smiling good follicle thoughts for you!!!

Have been keeping you in my prayers as always.


great blog! sending you positive follicle growth thoughts!

yes Yes YES!! Congratulations!!



so, i'm sitting in cowboys stadium, balancing nachos while looking around the place. a few seats down from us is a couple with a baby, which, my hand to God looks like it was born that morning, they dressed it in tiny lsu stuff, itty bitty lsu nike booties, got in a cab and came to the game. it was THAT tiny and i got a good look cause i had the end seat and they passed me a few times during the game...i thought of you and all the firsts you will enjoy one day...i couldn't stand it so i handed her a pen and paper...'give me your email...i'm going to take your 'first lsu game family photo'....they were thrilled..the picture was good and i sent it along...i've been to a lot of ballgames..never saw a baby that new...baby karma from me to you

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