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well, if anyone ever deserved a worry holiday it's you...have fun with her and i'm impressed with your choice to wait. very impressed...wishing you all good things today and always..best

I say dare to be different this time and wait for the official results. I think you can handle it. ;) In the meantime thankfully your friend is coming to distract you.

After the double disappointment from the failure of my first IUI (testing too early and then the arrival of AF), I decided that after IUI #2 I wasn't going to take a test, and would either wait for AF to show or get bloodwork at the doctors. I was convinced that the cycle was bust and that AF was on her way. Well, the day before my doctor's appointment (AF was already two days late) I broke down and bought a digital HPT. That sucker turned to "pregnant" faster than I could pull my pants up lol. I can still feel the shock and OMG of not seeing the "not" in the little window.

It will happen for you. Somehow, someway the child that was meant for you will find his/her way to you. Keep your head up.

i cosign S to nth degree ...will be in air to SF tomorrow..so double good wishes...have a great weekend and then some...

I've never been a serial tester. I think you'll probably know before the blood test anyway.

Like Evelyn, I'm not big on POAS but I typically do it the day before I expect AF to arrive. You would think it would easy the trauma of a BFN but it doesn't. Here's hoping that if you do choose to use a HPT that there will be two lines. :)

What wonderful timing for L's move - hopefully arriving just in time to help celebrate! Thinking of both of you and sending our love!

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