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I'm finally in North America where I don't have to hunt for my favorite TV shows, I can just watch them on TV! ;) Glee, The Good Wife (always brilliant, and we're keeping fingers crossed for Aubrey Dollar to come back) Harry's Law, Lost Girl and Nikita. Then there's Prime Suspect to try. I sure do have a type.
I'm not much of a comedy fan, but I do like Raising Hope, and Modern Family is too important to ignore even if it's ABC. Wow, that sounds like a lot of TV... and I don't have a good excuse :)

I'm not watching too much tv right now. I thought Expedition Impossible was one of the best reality shows I had ever seen though. It put the Amazing Race to shame. We watched Hell's Kitchen this time around. Too much high school-type drama going on this year though.

I LOVE Sons of Anarchy and Community. And any travel/food show with Anthony Bourdain I will not miss.

I'm looking forward to seeing if I like Terra Nova. I wanted to watch New Girl last night but between the Canucks and Sons of Anarchy I could't record anything else. Will definitely catchup though. Zooey D is so cute and funny.

Well, I HAD been feeling like I lived in a desolate wasteland ever since Game of Thrones ended (Winter is coming), but now happiness is returning. It returns in the form of Glee and Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. Looking forward to New Girl (Tivo'd, not yet watched) and Terra Nova. Watched Secret Circle pilot and looking forward to seeing where that goes. I know there are others, but they're escaping me right now...

I'm unbelievably stoked that Glee is back (and in fine form), and I can't wait for Parks & Rec and Community. I'm especially looking forward to Ringer, Secret Circle, New Girl (TiVo'd and waiting) and Once Upon a Time. Cable shows -- Suits, Eureka, Warehouse13, Pretty Little Liars -- have owned my heart and my brain for the past few months, so I'm glad to have new things to fill the void! And, yes, totally guilt-free. I'm not a couch potato, I'm doing *research*. ;)

I'm the tv addict in my family so I've been anticipating the new season. My must-see list this Fall? House, Chuck, Fringe, Supernatural, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, The Amazing Race and Dexter.
New shows I'm intrigued by are Person of Interest (Ben Linus!), American Horror Story (can't wait until we get FX in Van.couver), New Girl, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, and The Secret Circle. I watched Ringer last week and I kept expecting SMG to morph into Buffy to kick some vamp butt. My PVR will busy!

Waiting for "Good Wife"..... tried the new Office with james spader... hmmm. not sure on that one.
Tried Prime Suspect. Looks like it was shot by two different directors with two different DP's. Will give it a second chance cuz I love the actress...
Otherwise confess it is Survivor and Amazing Race.
Maybe something else will catch my interest... 30 Rock..

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