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A boy is good....or a girl.......or a boy. ;-)

I had a feeling that I was going to have a girl. Everyone said I was carrying like I was having a boy. We decided not to find out gender until the baby was born. We had a girl...

I think you just know.

This is the best excuse to daydream and procrastinate... Err, I mean research baby stuff!

My friend and I were convinced that she was having a boy.... and she found out that she's having a girl. :-) Are you going to find out when you can, or wait until the big day?

sarah - i'm so excited for you! thank you for taking us on this journey with you - lots of us out here rooting for you. :)

When my sister-in-law was pregnant she never had to deal with morning sickness or any of the sort, so her mum was pretty quick to say "It's gonna be a boy. When I got you two girls I was sick all the time while your aunt never had any of this with her boys!", and somehow everyone agreed on that. Everybody simply *knew*. We didn't know why, but we just had a feeling -- well, and my lovely little nephew turns 2 in January, so I guess intuition can be totally right in some cases :)

Hey Sarah, congrats! I have to say that everyone I've known who has had really awful morning sickness has had a girl...so counter to what the pendulum has predicted, I'm going to go with "girl". Of course, we are ecstatic for you no matter what gender your little peanut is.

Me, I don't believe anything but DNA. I have an ultrasound picture of my youngest daughter and the Ultrasound tech actually had a little arrow pointing to something and the words "boy parts" printed on it.

So, for the week we waited for amnio results we were sure we were having a boy.

Here's hoping that your baby, boy or girl, is healthy.

When I was waiting for a referral call, I was sure I was going to end up with a boy. I just "saw" a boy, you know? A friend told me the same thing.

As you know, I ended up with a girl...

Sounds like all of us with girls thought the same thing! I just KNEW I was having a boy. In fact, when I was in labor (and we all know those FUN labor stories) I said that it had to be a boy because no female would put another female through such HELL.....and out came this 9.5 pound baby GIRL. LOL!!

when i finally got pregnant, we had 4 nephews and i so wanted to have a girl..by the time of my amnio we knew there were two babies and i was shocked...no...MAD..when the report came and it was 2 boys. Mad..after all the grief i was mad my two healthy babies were not girls. it lasted 2 days. i can't even believe i'm writing this it was so foolish and ungrateful sounding..but yep...i confess. but G-d does know what's best and there is no way in hell i would have been a good mother to two girls...that bar is way too high..clothes, hair, bows, shoes, drama...boys, G_d love 'em..don't care what they wear, eat, smell like...in fact, one day when i had lipstick on...one said, 'what are you up to?' i love sports, always have...not a 'driven' tidy person ..so, whatever you get--- G_d knows, that's what you deserve...still smilin' #SoWorthGrief

I had really bad morning sickness and i had boys!

I'm a Pediatric RN/Pediatric NP student and do telephone triage and I have to tell you the #1 thing I'd suggest for your wish list is a book called Baby 411. It is perfection and will save you about 100 calls to the Pediatrician (literally 80-90% of the calls we get for the first year of life could be answered by looking it up in this book).

This is still news that makes me happy everyday. I only wish you were carrying twins! Or triplets! Or not, just very happy :)

I'm coming out of my lurking status to comment on, not the baby's sex, but your wish list. I did the same thing when I was only a couple of weeks pregnant. Best book for this planning phase is "Baby Bargains"; although the name indicates it's geared toward inexpensive stuff, but it really is just a great guide for baby gear brands, types, etc. Good luck and enjoy day dreaming -- you've earned it!!! :-)

I agree with above poster -- baby gear shopping is incredibly overwhelming, requiring enormous research for every single item, from pacifiers to bedroom sets. Just buy the book Baby Bargains and buy one of their top choices. Done. Or even better, borrow or get them used. The number of parents trying to get rid of said stuff is enormous since you use the stuff for barely a year.

(But it is still incredibly fun to dream and wander through the baby stores after you've waited 40 years to get to do so for your own pumpkin -- I know full well! And by the way, enjoy sleeping and social activities now while you can -- that time will be completely replaced by other activities for at least a few years. Not easy to change that much at 40 but it's what we signed for).

Yes -- baby bargains, Baby 411, and the Portable Pediatrician are the only books you need. I tried the Dr. Sears Baby Book but it made me feel so terrible about myself (you MUST breastfeed and WEAR your baby CONSTANTLY or you are DOING IT WRONG!) Not practical advice for a preemie mom.

And don't be afraid of used. Look on Craigslist, like Amy said. Things like bouncy seats, swings, etc. are used for such a short period of time, it's not really worth the money, even if you have the money.

You do not need nearly as much crap as you think you do. The basics are still good: pack-n-play, cloth diapers (as burp cloths), diapers and diaper cream, a changing pad that you can put on a spare bed instead of buying the changing table (which takes up space.) Our second child "needed" a lot less -- made us wonder what we were thinking the first time around!

There is no doubt in your mind that any child of yours will grow up to be compassionate, healthy, productive and happy. And that you put compassionate first is just one reason why.

egads - what a typo. I meant to say there is no doubt in MY MIND that any child of yours will be wonderful in all the ways that you are. Next time, I'm proof-reading (twice).

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