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I am so glad we had a chance for our lovely lunch before this set in.... just wait tho, your appetite will return mightily!!!

Soft pretzels and Diet Vernors ginger ale! And eat whatever sounds good at the time. Yeah for morning sickness- it means it's really happening!

This is a good sign! I could not do meat in the early weeks - couldn't eat it, couldn't smell it, couldn't look at it. Couldn't even buy it in the store. It will come back, and in the mean time crackers, ginger ale and vanilla wafers are lifesavers.

I'm not all into old wives tales, but it's looking like a girl.

I'm so sorry but I chuckled just a tiny bit. My first thought was "how in the world did you get that picture up of the meat??!" It will get so much better.

Years ago when I was pregnant with one of my adult kids they were put tar on the roof across the street from us. The smell had me throwing up hourly! Smells bothered me more than actually eating I think.

Keep your head up! :-)

Blessings and I'm still praying.

welcome to the club and everything that goes with it's membership.
1. forbid perfume in the workplace til you greenlight it
2. stay away from grocery aisle w/detergents and or/candles
3. parmesean cheese is not your friend
4. kill anyone who mentions febreeze or like products..
5. go ahead and buy dreft...i use it to wash lingerie (my momma did too)
6.. i think beth f said ginger ale...yep, that works...very cold

animal crackers worked for me...until the blt's & choc milk phase
don't take this wrong way..I'M SO GLAD YOU ARE SICK!!!! yippee, yippee

I had the all day morning sickness too. I never looked so good after being pregnant for 3 months.

But, it'll pass and then food will be your friend again!! And seriously, so excited for you, sick or not.

The chocolate milk phase is absolutely delightful. Better things are yet to come! Hang in there. Did you get some saltines yet?

I know, it's the worst, isn't it? I hated every minute of my first trimester, and it was made worse by people on my blog telling me to shut up and be grateful just to be pregnant. You feel how you want to feel and complain all you want. Nausea is no picnic, no matter what the cause. Do remember there are pretty effective and safe prescription drugs out there if it gets really unmanageable. And yes, it is all worth it!

Ooh, I'm so glad to be past all the nausea and (bone-crushing) fatigue of 1st trimester! Second trimester is so much better. And I'm fully appreciating that now at 29 weeks. Now I'm uncomfortable in whole new ways!

I found acupuncture to be really helpful for the nausea. A B6 supplement can also help - if you can stand taking another pill. If you are not eating or vomiting you can get a script for Zofran from your doctor.

Congrats on your little bean!

I found that eating saltines before I even got out of bed helped.

Any form of ginger biscuits (if you can find a store that stocks UK items..) look for Ginger Snaps or McVities Rich Tea... have them as soon as you lift your head from the pillow in the morning... just remember, the more sick you are...the stronger the baby is... (no help when you're yelling down the big, white telephone as we call it over here...)

I'm a long-time lurker on your blog, but I think this is my first comment. Congratulations! I recently switched back to my old computer and I subscribe to your blog through the RSS feed on here. I pulled down the lists and when I saw your posts first thing I said to myself was OMG Sarah Fain is pregnant! I am so excited for you. As for the morning sickness, ginger and peppermint are both natural cures for nausea, so I would also add peppermint tea to the suggestions of ginger ale and ginger snaps.

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