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Have you started thinking about names yet? Not that I expect you to post them here ... but I bet it's fun to think about.

i had to quit reading during the first sentence because my blood pressure peaked...then, i finished reading and it went back to normal.
some choices will be out of your hands...i did NOT want a c-section but one of my babies (the rowdy one) just would not maintain position...he was everywhere the other one wasn't...so, hello c-section...the epidural was necessary for that procedure. i had no ill effects but was very complacent for a few hours after delivery...so not me...especially after ALL THIS...however i'm sure my family was thrilled the 'boss of everything' had 'whatevs' attitude and gave them all a break.
'what to expect when you're expecting'...a book i enjoyed

I wanted a natural birth. No pitocin. No epidural. I had both, and a c-section. The pitocin was needed because I was 10 days late and my fluid was low. The epidural was needed after 11 hours of pitocin because I was exhausted - but if he had cooperated, I know I would have been able to have him naturally. And then the c-section of course came because the pitocin didn't work and Finn didn't want to squeeze his ginormous body out of my tiny pelvis (god bless him!)

I had a midwife and a doula I loved, and they both empowered me through the entire experience, so even though I didn't have the birth I wanted, it was still wonderful. If you love your midwife and your doula, I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever your birth experience is. Though I really hope it's natural childbirth!

And OMG! I'm so excited you're talking birth plans!!!

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