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YES to the costume! Impossible to resist! Cute, cute, cute.

mine were 6 months old for their 1st halloween...i put them in a black plastic 'cauldron'...one had pumpkin cap & bib..the other a ghost..one or the other was crying in every picture...we die laughing at those old pictures...
still making memories...you are going to have so much fun!

Utterly AND completely.

Today is the day to go shopping for Halloween costumes for next year! They'll be 50% off, so buy a couple of cute ones and decide what he/she will wear next year. That's my plan for this evening (my miracle will be 9 months next October :) It's really fun to think about, isn't it!

Somehow I think that Sarah is the make-a-costume type, not the buy-a-costume type. Sarah, can you enlighten us?

This Time Last Year....you were mid re-model..choosing tile and you posted
One week in, one week out... faith delayed is not faith denied...

I was having the exact same thoughts (only mine will be more like three months old). I kept seeing little ones in cute costumes and wondering what I will dress mine as, but then decided I would rather wait and see what his/her personality is first. Doesn't it feel very surreal to think about a year from now?!

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