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Aw, Sarah. This is so great. Get that ultrasound pic!

Am I the only one out here that thinks you are having a girl? It's a girl, I'm tellin' ya.

Laura - I agree! :-)

Part of me thinks you're being ridiculous for worrying - but another part of me knows that I will be the EXACT SAME WAY.

You're doing great!

Stop worrying! Your baby needs a happy environment to grow in :)

Excellent! XO

Girlllllll I Agreeeeee!

I measured small at my first ultrasound so I had a second, more high res one. As far as I can tell all it means is that your due date might be a little off. Mine was moved back three days. And the only reason that even matters is that you're probably going to want a triple screen and a nuchal fold ultrasound and whatever complicated formula they use to calculate your Down's risk is dependent on having accurate dates. So, although I worried too, I'll tell you not to.

Sometimes we are told too much... Stop fretting about the size at this point. It means nothing. Ten years ago, when ultra sounds weren't so particular, you would never have known this and would be merrily moving forward.
(Btw- did I tell you I was 40 for my first? Uh huh. And all went well. And 20 months after my son was born (completely naturally, no meds but a little laughing gas at the end- which I quite enjoyed!) I gave birth to my lovely daughter. )
All is right in the world.

you are a late-bloomer. things grow...then they REALLY GROW. technology is great. to a point. i'd go with: 'still w/i normal range'..even though we know
The Precious is gifted in every way.

Worry about what color to paint the baby's walls, Sarah.

Your blueberry will soon blossom into prune, plum, and then peach before you know it!

My "on the smaller side" kiddo popped out at 8lbs, 3oz.


It is meaningless, and often off. They thought my daughter -- the day before her birth -- had a severe intrauterine growth restriction. Which is why we delivered her 5+ weeks early, expecting her to be closer to 3 lbs. She was 4.5. No growth restriction to her stomach at all.

Dude, don't make yourself crazy this early. They'll make you crazy on their own soon enough.

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