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Only good things will come... Only good things will come... Only good things will come...

It seems that in this day and age, when more women are getting pregnant AFTER 35, that these tests are becoming much more routine. While the risk involved is still there, I think that the procedure itself is becoming more perfected and that women and, more importantly, the babies are coming out of these tests just fine. The "slight" risk is truly that: "slight."

We'll all be thinking of you! You'll do great, and so will the bambino!!

You're going to do great tomorrow. Look forward to hearing how it goes ....

I just watched the trailer too! How exciting is it?!?!?!

All will be well...

XO, XO, XO...

Good luck with the CVS! I know the results will be great - and as a bonus you'll know for sure what you're having very soon.

And the trailer - loved it. Can't wait for the movie!

Will say a prayer! I agree with Christi though. These tests are done so often these days the risk has had to have gone down. When I had my older kids you never heard about a CVA test but when I had the last two I had an amniocentisis done.

Are you going to let them tell you the sex of the baby??

No worries!!


Saw the trailer - LOVED IT. Makes me want to read the books again. I have been telling everyone I know about it. Just bought for my niece's birthday today.

Good luck with the test. I'm with you. All will be well.

Wishing you much luck and success with your CVS!

I'm sending you much good energy and thoughts for the procedure. I'm sure it will go well and you and she (that's my prediction!) will both pass with flying colours!

one remarkable thing that i will always remember is something the dr. performing the amnio (not my ob) alerted me to before he began. i did not have the test you are having (or by now have had) but assume it's similar.
he said, 'watch the baby when i insert the needle...it will move away from 'the intrusion'...i could watch the whole thing on the sonogram and i got to see it twice!...that is/was remarkable to me...they moved away...duck & cover. it is truly a miracle seeing everything progress...still just so happy your journey is continuing...and we can go with you. i love babies & i love being a mother.

Hoping everything went well today!!

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