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sarah. i'm now going back and reading the middle of this story...i had to see about DAISY...thank goodness things are fine....harrowing is a word that comes to mind. going to read the story now...all of you sleep well

I know exactly the feeling you are talking about. After I brought my second dog home 2 years ago (let's call her The Escape Artist), I had that happen several times. She found the most unbelievable places to borough out of the fence - and she took my other dog with her (I had the fence reinforced 3 times before I fixed all of her hidden escape routes)!

Funny thing is, I'd get the call "I've got your dogs"... every time, they explored and stuck together! But I know that panic, drop everything, run out of the office and thank the good samaritan profusely feeling... Glad they are both home safely with you!!

Oh wow, thank goodness they're both safe. I lost my dog (the "dog of my life") about 10 years ago when she got freaked out by a loud garbage truck and pulled the leash out of my hubby's hand. We searched for her for 2 days, and we miraculously found her, but those were the worst two days of my life. Ever.

Thank heaven for thoughtful strangers. Someone was looking out for you, I think. :)

And a good reminder to teach your child your cell phone number (with area code) and address as soon as you can. This knowledge saved my in-laws when we inadvertently left one of my nephews behind in part of an out-of-state amusement park -- they got a call on their cell phone from the nice family who'd found him.

He was fine. He's eight. There were fourteen of us there. We just lost count. :)

light bulb moment today...get your baby nurse lined up now. they get booked early. ok...back to LSU game

OK - couple of comments....
1. Who doesn't have a cell phone? WOW! Good on them. Altho I love mine. makes me feel efficient

2. If you think you felt relief and love seeing Daisy... wait till your "peanut" arrives... ain't nothin' like it.

3. Glad all are home safe and sound. Keep knitting.

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