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no matter how dark the night..morning always comes...

my discomfort did not gradually go...it just one day ..went...i think that was the beginning of the fried catfish phase (sorry for that visual)-glowing awaits

You remind me of my two (healthy) pregnancies. Thanks for the (nauseous) memories :)

It's TOTALLY realistic! In my experience, the second trimester is GLORIOUS. You start to look actually pregnant (as opposed to just a little dumpy), and people say nice things, and food tastes good again, and your energy comes back, and suddenly you realize that your hair is kind-of amazing. Take heart, the good life is just around the corner!

E-mail me your addy. I will send you the greatest book I read when I was pregnant.

Yes, the first trimester is really horrible. I lost 10 pounds and my hair was falling out! But after going through IVF multiple times, I could not complain. It's worth it when you think of the light at the end of the tunnel (baby!)

I hear ya, sister! My first tri was very "tri-ing" indeed, but it did pass, and I often think of trying for #2 at some point. So it is for sure all worth it.

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