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Based on my scientific experience with gender, I'm going with Team Pink... Extra kudos to the doc's office for keeping your anxiety level to a minimum until tomorrow!

Doctor's offices like to call after the switchboard is closed so if you miss it, you can't call them back. So frustrating!

Congrats on getting good news (kind of)!

No need to hear, it's a boy. All signs point blue!

All kidding aside, seriously can't wait. You'd think you were my sister or something.

exhale.......boy or girl tomorrow? grrrrrrr i'll be here in the WAITING ROOM with the others...but your weekend is looking good..thanksgiving, indeed!

reckon it's a girl! :)

That was SO nice of the doctor's office to leave a message that gave a little info.

Just a little reminder. No matter the sex, these baby names are probably really bad ideas.

Haymitch (I know, it's nice...but NO!)

I'll be checking in regularly today to hear your good news!!

Whatever it is it's going to be the biggest blessing ever!!!

It's 9:44am on Friday. You're KILLING us! What are you having?!?!

I'm going on the record: Girl. (And no, I don't have any inside info.)

Coming out of hiding to say it's my first time commenting but have been enjoying your blog for a few months - since finding it through the Happiness Project. I am on the edge of my seat today and can't wait to hear the news. :)

pacing in the Waiting Room with the others...need a cigar

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