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We are so happy for you and can't wait to hear about the next two trimesters and everything else! Keep floating!

Yay! Great!

I'm so glad you decided to fill us in early on instead of waiting for this moment. It's been such a joy to share your joy.

Grow, Baby Girl, grow! I can see the smile in your words. You're glowing...

Wow! Time is flying by for you (from my vantage point, I'm sure not so much from yours)!! Congratulations on moving in to the 2nd Tri!!

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. Funny how things seemed so dark just a few months ago, and now you're listening to your daughter's heartbeat. :-)

I took those chewable pre-natal vitamins before my wedding (to help out my raggy hair) - they taste delicious!! They're kind of light in the vitamin area, so you'll probably have to supplement it... I now take Nature Made adult multi-vitamin gummies. I actually look forward to taking my vitamins each day!

Wow -- cannot believe you almost in your second tri. Time really is flying by. You sound so happy and content :-)

Did you know they have chewable vitamins at Trader Joes -- including folic acid. Since my gag reflex become extremely sensitive during pregnancy (couldn't take pills if I wanted to), it helped.

Did I mention... YAY YOU!

on the plus side: your hair will never be shinier and your nails will never be longer or stronger...so, there's that.

Congratulations on meeting this milestone! 2nd trimester officially rocks. I use the Belly Bar chewable prenatals, I get them on Amazon. I looked into chewable prenatals at local stores but couldn't find any that had iron, so I'm sticking with the Belly Bar brand for the duration.

I'm new here (saw a tweet to you from Gretchen Rubin) and just started reading from your pregnancy test on because I was so curious to hear the entire story after seeing your beautiful girl! This is random, but any luck with the chewables? I ended up taking extra children's vitamins plus a separate calcium, DHA and extra folic acid, but would LOVE to find a chewable prenatal. I am BLOWN away by your courage and sharing. It is incredibly interesting and beautiful.

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