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Feeling those first flutters is something you never forget. I thought it felt like a little fish blowing bubbles of air. I was in a rehearsal for ' A Chorus Line' production working as an Assistant director at the time and thought it might be a portent of a dancing or theatrical baby. She was a girl as I imagined, but totally different and even more delightful than I thought she might grow up to be. Congrats again on your pregnancy!

What a wonderful Christmas present. She's really real!!! Best wishes to you and yours.

So cool! Merry Christmas!

OMG! Reading about this gave me goose bumps and actually brought a tear to my eyes too! I'm so happy for you and I sincerely enjoy following you on you life changing journey so thank you for sharing your experiences with us! *hugs*

i'm in dallas, shopping with my babies who fluttered 21 years ago, two days before Christmas...you will never forget your moment...and what a lovely gift...as if..........pat the baby for me...she understands Christmas Greetings!

I am so happy for you and while you really do not know me, I was lucky enough to get your blog addy from Jennifer(she was going to tell you about me). I got goosebumps and tears in reading how special your Christmas was with the book from your Father and feeling the flutter, and your previous posts. That is something that you will never forget. Enjoy this special time and enjoy all of those flutters until they turn into those amazing kicks. Being pregnant is the best:)

So sweet! I remember it feeling like soap bubbles popping... and then as the days passed, the bubbles became stronger and suddenly I realized it was the baby. Yay for feeling movement! Isn't it a miracle -- having a life grow inside of you?

here's what you can look forward to in 2012 http://youtu.be/N9oxmRT2YWw

'the sun is bright and the powder's bitchin'...= every day w/a baby

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