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I stand at the supermarket and nothing takes my fancy! Veg just does not appeal! At mo I am loving fruit which I guess is my saving grace!

I'm seven weeks behind you in my pregnancy and feeling lots of the same things. I'm so sorry you're in your 2nd trimester and still feeling this - believe me, I know how much the 2nd trimester is held out as this golden time, and how disappointing it must be when the symptoms stay the same or get worse. I know they think that food aversion and nausea benefit our species by keeping pregnant women from eating harmful foods....but it makes no evolutionary sense for it to continue beyond the first trimester! (I suppose stomping our collective feet and saying it doesn't make sense isn't going to change things,though...) Have you considered Zofran? My midwife suggested I consider it if my nausea stays bad. Thinking about you and hoping it gets better soon!

I could be wrong, but there's not necessarily a link between regular diabetes and gestational diabetes, so you may be able to cut yourself some slack. Eat what sounds good to you at the time. I used to go to bed at 8pm -- not only because I was exhausted, but because that was when the worst of the nausea hit. Rather than think about not being hungry, I'd sleep through it.

Sounds a lot like Chemo! ;)

I have heard good things about Zofran. Also, my best friend went through pretty much the same thing her first pregnancy (and now has 2 beautiful healthy girls) with the continued nausea. What finally worked for her was she ate before she even got out of bed. Kept things on the bedside table. Getting out of bed less nauseous (spelling?) seemed to be the key for her. Also, she did the protein thing. Every two hours she had protein, a lot of grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs as they were easy to pack for work. she figured people thought she was odd microwaving grilled chicken at 930am at work but it really helped a lot.

I had the second trimester glow in my third trimester (and then that got cut short cause D decided to come early!), so there is still hope though it may feel a way off :). Also, I second the eat something before getting out of bed. I didn't need to do it but it has worked well for friends of mine (usually dry biscuits, plain water crackers). Hope this does pass soon and that you find something taking your fancy.

so sorry you're not at the fun part yet but you'll get there..i had gestational diabetes (very common w/twins) but that went away right after they were born...don't really remember much about the diet except it was better to eat an orange than drink orange juice and animal crackers were ok for sweet tooth cravings.
hope you get over this part and find something that appeals to you..did you ever get to the BLT & chocolate milk phase..for me that came right after grapefruit phase. a friend went through a grilled cheese phase..
heartburn's a bitch. i kept maalox stashed everywhere, then switched to tums..easier to tote. be well......pat the baby

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