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the pitts...thank goodness you weren't brushing on a full tummy. swish with scope..you might have a bug though...you said you were sick...maybe you really are sick...little virus..be well

um, I'm sorry but I chuckled a little at this. I never really suffered from morning sickness but brushing the teeth was always hazerdous!

This too shall pass. ;-)

Many blessings

Ugh! I have never been pregnant, but I develop a hyperactive gag reflex when I am very stressed. I could hardly brush during my final semester of grad school!

One trick to avoid gag induced vomiting is to thump yourself firmly in the middle of the chest (above the breast, below the collarbone) several times. This stimulates the vagus nerve and causes deep breathing, which can circumvent the barf.

Teeth-brushing was on-and-off a problem for me during my pregnancies, too. And flossing -- forget it. The good news: your oral hygiene will survive a few off months. This too shall pass and all that.

Randomly, speaking of this too shall pass, is there anything better than that OK Go video?

Have a great day!

I had this issue with teeth brushing as well and found out it was quite common...several people recommended trying a herbal toothpaste rather than a more commercial minty one. You may be trying this already, but if not it's worth a try. It's not fun though, never thought I'd be using my meditation breathing for cleaning my teeth ;)

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