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Hi there! I've been following along with your tweets/blog for a while now and I have always wanted to post a message but due to a pesky uncooperative phone or other reasons never have but I finally am, yay! I've been cheering you along for a while now and have been thrilled for all that is happening for you. Just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!!! And a little girl, how awesome!!! I'm pregnant as well and we are actually exactly 1 week apart, I'm 20 weeks today with a little boy :-) It truly is amazing isn't it?! I love being pregnant and experiencing a new life being created. So grateful to be able to experience it. Anyway, just wanted to take a minute to stop lurking and say hi and congrats and I'll continue sending prayers your way for healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery and healthy baby! P.S. Such an odd world we live in that I can say I've been "following you" and still sound normal...okay kind of normal :-) Take care and enjoy!

This is such a joyous time and such a joyful post. Couldn't be happier for you Sarah! Can't wait to see pictures of you as your baby Girl grows!!

Congrats on all the new things happening. I just found your blog and look forward to reading more about your and your little one's journey!

a lot can happen in a year..prayers get answered, dreams come true, journeys have happy endings...21 weeks...fitting that you live in la la land...so, la la la la la, la la la...set to music...ridiculous happy for you two.

Pregnancy is amazing and being a mom is as good as it gets. Time flies by and it's hard to remember all those incredible moments. My daughter is almost three and I can't believe it. It's so fun to watch them grow but sort of depressing because it happens so fast. Hope you have a safe pregnancy and birth and enjoy your little one!

Very early in my pregnancy, I felt something funny. When it continued happening, I got scared and just marched into my doctor's office, unannounced. In tears, I said, "Dr., I think something is wrong. It feels like a weird fluttering and it won't stop! Is it the baby's heart? What's wrong?" She stepped back, folded her arms and shook her head. "That's your baby moving around. Enjoy it!!"

My baby is 21 years old now, and I miss the nights of things on my belly -- plates, cups (empty, of course), anything that had a flat bottom -- and watching them jump!

I'm so happy for you!

Haha, why did the mood on your post suddenly change after you said, "And speaking of weight...?" It's kind of like cute 'coz it shows how you were craving for food, hehe. I hope you're doing fine now.
PS. I can imagine your baby kickin' while you were writing this post.

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