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MAJOR! So exciting!

LG has a superior taste. fact.
so happy for you!

awww...you made me cry.

You'll find that no other feeling in your life will ever compare to feeling your baby growing and moving inside you.

It was all worth it wasn't it? Wait until you first lay your eyes on Baby Girl. You have SO much joy coming your way. You're going to be a family!!

Hugs and blessings!!!

Very exciting! Savor the 20 week ultrasound. I saw my son sucking his thumb at that one and expected it to get better for the 36 week ultrasound. By then he was too big to get as good a view. I have 10 days to go until he gets here. It's an emotional time!

HOW EXCITING FOR YOU!!! The greatest feeling in the world! Just wait until the summersaults start. I remember sitting in Ed Milkovich's office when Charlotte did a complete 360. It looked like the famous scene in Alien... Needless to say, Ed was his usual yelling self. I think he made me sign a contract stating that I would not give birth in the production office.

Can't wait to hear the update on LG the banana's progress! 20 week is "measurement day," right (bones and length and whatnot)? It seems like only yesterday that she was the size of a blueberry!


as is your wont, i'm sure you're keeping a journal and if not....please not these things down for her to read one day...i kept a fat spiral notebook (b4 laptops) & wrote down things 'i thought i'd never forget' and guess what...i did not remember half...one of mine called petey gonzales petey bagallis...one called magazine...'magenzine'...and both called animal..'aminal'
arnold scwartzenater....and draculer (who do you want to be on halloween?'

so, kicking up her heels in 2012....as are we!

Another post that made me cry, but they are such happy tears of joy for you and little girl!! My only other post was about feeling that baby kick for the first time and now it has happened. You have turned into your own home entertainment center. You can sit for hours and just watch your tummy move around in amazement, wonder and love:)

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