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She's got your nose!! Absolutely perfect. What an insane miracle...

We are in the process of moving (even MORE fun with a 23 month old) and yesterday, I found my pregnancy calendar. I made it to the 3rd month, and the waterworks turned on.

A thousand more blessings to you and LG.

She looks like she's blowing bubbles! Beautiful...

yep, she's perfect.

perfect, natch.

Of course she's perfect!

What a beautiful picture.

So pleased for you - yep it's all pretty real from here. I had my two tinies at 41 and almost 43 - the best thing I ever did - life is full of joy, madness and the odd frustration - seems boys are not that keen on toilet training - bombed knickers I could live without - but I wouldn't change them for the world. Your LG has already brought so much joy to many - we love hearing about your journey and cheering from the sidelines. Cherish the moments.

She's beautiful! So happy for you, Sarah. What an amazing journey you've been on, and the best is yet to come!

She looks beautiful Sarah, glowing just like I am sure you are. Like Christi, seeing that ultrasound in which my baby was a real growing baby turned the waterworks on for me too (he's 9 months now and it hasn't stopped!!), after so many years trying it was suddenly real and well, you know :)

thank heaven for little girls...and their mommies, too

I told my 15-year-old son just last night that I knew him by his profile in the ultrasound so many years ago. Just knew him. And that his profile now still reminds me, quite vividly, of that black and white image.

Thanks for such a lovely post.

Absolutely beautiful, just like her mom!

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