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You need to go to the mixed nuts link you just posted and burn a CD with all those songs on it. Do it now! Baby's love music so much.


I honestly thought it was going slowly early on too. But now that I'm two days away from being 37 weeks, I want it to slow down again. Not because I'm scared about delivery. I'm oddly calm about it (which could mean anything at this point.) But because I want him inside just a little longer. I'm taking time out to enjoy every little move he makes and know I'll be begging the doctor to leave him in for a while longer. On the other hand, I'm so wanting a root beer and greasy food, so maybe I won't be asking that but instead reaching for both once baby boy is out. LOL!

Can't wait to see your little girl!

You're right. It seems to take FOREVER the first time. And also about soon wanting to kick your own ass. :)

Haha! It is something I have noticed for a while now -- other people's pregnancies progress at the speed of light! It is a true law of physics.

Your pregnancy is going plenty fast as far as I can tell! Wasn't it just last week that you emailed me the photo of the pee stick?

i loved 98% of being pregnant...just the three of us...protected...i knew where they were every night, knew who they were with, knew what they were doing...savor...cause now i wish i didn't know so much sometimes...BTR very close to New Orleans...

JERIE B: Do you have twins? Are they identical?

SARAH: Do you have any idea why this pregnancy "took" and the previous attempts did not? Did the doctor give you any kind of explanation, or is it just one of those things?

Time passes quickly when you're looking back, and slowly when you're looking ahead. Just like the return trip takes less time than the outgoing trip.

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