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That's a BEAUTIFUL bump Sarah!!! Blessings!

Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this......

finally, a picture of the oven.

All the more real...

Aw... what joyfulness. Love it.

I love it. You're one of the fortunate ones... You know, the ones who look cute pregnant. I, on the other hand, looked like I had just finished a marathon eat-fest at Hometown Buffet.

Not that I'm complaining about the end result, because it was 100% completely worth it.

Just saying that I love that you are one of the cute ones. For all the struggle that you went through to get Little Girl, I'm gushing for your cutie-pie-ness!


Nothing more beautiful. Congrats again!

Hello Sarah! I thought I should hi as I've basically read all your blog over the past week (although I'll admit to skimming some of the remodeling stuff). I'm a potential SMC and have been looking for others. Reading your experiences has been very helpful! I will probably be back.

i know you are busy and haven't had time to think...on the other hand, i've driven myself back & forth to baton rouge twice..alone...my quiet time..we had to take 2 cars because i came home a day earlier than my husband..parent's weekend. i am a 'noticer' an observer of human behavior-these college kids are such a reflection of the way they were raised...one parent, two parent..didn't matter..but you could sure tell the ones who were given 'roots' before they were given their 'wings'. these kids were from all over the u.s...it is joyous to watch your child (my two) thrive in their environment, be responsible (tents, chairs, crawfish pot) volunteer without my glare and make the grades they need to succeed.
every minute we put into raising them, every book, every trip, every good choice we made on their behalf, every sacrifice, every tear, every argument, every 'i love you', every goodnight kiss -- we've gotten those back ten-fold. it was not always easy, or fun, there has been puke, poop, blood, fevers, er visits...we were vigilant about brushing teeth (almost 21 & never a cavity) hand washing and let some stuff slide.
i listened to advice, read books, paid attention to other parents who raised good kids, even good kids who were difficult at times. mine are not perfect, we've had bumps ..read somewhere bad stuff can define you, destroy you or make you strong. you've lived through much of that on your journey so you know from. i have determined babies need food, love, clean diapers, soft clothes- they could sleep on a pillow in a box and they would thrive with love and care. i am excited for you..even a tad jealous..those sweet, soft little kissable places on their necks...their little toes --little pink monkeys...that's what i called my babies...now you're going to get your own little pink monkey...it's the best gig in the world.
your journey continues...

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