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Can you put them all on a necklace? Well, maybe only the rings. Perhaps as long as you keep them with you??

There is no need to be superstitious, all will be well, but the thought is understandable. :)

You might not need to take them off - not everyone has to!

I wore my rings on my necklace -- that way they were always close ... you'll do great!

I was going to suggest putting the rings on a necklace as well, but the others were obviously faster. :)

it's been a year since the FAY ring??? your heart made a good investment.

my husband played baseball from an early age and my mother-in-law (who collected elephants) had a tiny ceramic one she kept in a drawer. on game-days he would say...'get the elephant out'...and that became their ritual so, as the years went by it covered all things related to luck. my husband played softball after we were married and he would call her on game days. years. go. by. 15 years pass and his mother & daddy traveled from arizona to louisiana to watch me 'sit on the nest'. upon their arrival he asked her if she had left the elephant out...'no' she said as she opened her hand, 'i brought it with me.' it had a new home...
ff: that little bitty elephant took us through many ball games, tests, entrance exams, school elections, driver's license tests...it has taken us through 3 1/2 yrs of college and right now...it's sitting out until the kiddos return from spring break at the beach.....if it ain't broke...

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