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would be curious to know if your infant care class discussed treatments for gas relief. if not, i recommend mylicon suppositories. i did not use the drops...probably because the first time we used mylicon was after a middle of the night trip to drug store due to constant crying...mother and babies and old husband/new dad grabbed the first thing he saw that read 'Mylicon.'
THEY WORK!! get checked out on application...can be tricky...but necessary. we are not parents who dose according to internet docs...our ped doc gave us the green light.

babies should not have honey until they are at least a year old. #leftfieldadvice

i thought about you today.....left yesterday for baton rouge for a quickie birthday dinner with my twin 'no longer I.D. challenged' sons.....great dinner w/a special cake and then they were off to study for FINALS.
it was a minute ago i was in your stretch pants and flip-flops and counting the days until i could breath, eat, walk and sleep again. it has gone by that fast...older moms stay young because WE HAVE TO....total defensive move.
you are about to experience nights you think will never end....days, too but trust me on this...make every memory you can...travel, travel, travel. our kids remember our vacations as some of our best times...your little girl is about to make you an awesome momma. it's a great gig.

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