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Squee level at LEVEL 8!!!

Great to hear all is well.

A funny thought just popped into my head re potential terminology for the journey you've been through, but your field is not mine so not sure of the language...something along the lines of you've done all the preparatory work and developed the characters and the plot, pitched the idea and succeeded, the pilot's been a hit, and now you're about to launch into the TV series proper...it's just so exciting.

So glad everything is okay!

Happy to hear that everything's okay, and good news on The Selection after all! :)

good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

Prayers for a wonderful delivery!!!

I can't believe it's week 38! Wow!!!

I was thinking of you last night as I received my latest Wellesley magazine, and there's a big article on Parenting Solo (in all definitions) and thought you might be interested. You can access it here: http://issuu.com/wellesley/docs/2012_spring_issuu/3

Best of luck for a quick, speedy, and healthy delivery of Miss Champ.

as I opened my email notification of this post I couldn't help thinking to myself - "is she here?! is she here?!". You'd think I knew you, with how excited I get!

(hey Debra - what a sweet comment :) )

Wishing you lots of good luck and thanks so much for the update! We can't wait to read the next few posts! xo

I loved your books so much. I loved The Selection pilot, too. I can't wait to see pictures of your next -- and most important -- creation! She is one lucky little girl to get you for a mom.

one journey ends and another journey begins...trust me on this...as i sit writing this one of my kiddos is in the shower and the other right here on his laptop. we are all leaving saturday...one back to baton rouge and the other to pensacola for the summer. it was a moment and a lifetime ago i was in your ankles...and next thing i know, they are 21...you are about to be the most important person in someone's life...it is an awesome responsibility and the most joyous gig i can think of. i'm thrilled your journey has taken you this far...and this is just the beginning. when you get home with her...take some moments alone w/her and take a picture in your mind of that very second...how she smelled, noises she made snuggled on your shoulder...i have those moments and i can call them up still today...crystal clear and i am thankful yet again for G-d's good grace.
thinking of you and yours this night and always. best

Oh my goodness, so close now! Good luck to you!

Hi... read your whole blog, looking to find other single by choice moms out there. I just had my first try on Wednesday... my blog is http://27andfostering.tumblr.com

I'm excited to hear about the birth! Good luck!

Just thinking of you and checking in to see if Champ arrived! I am sure you are busy! Sending lots of good wishes through cyber space. - Amy

i'm back from transporting/accompanying thing 1 and thing 2 to their various summer spots and wifi has been iffy......so hopped on here quick to check on you...seems all is well and i did not miss THE BIG EVENT...*sigh*
so will be right here in the vast waiting room with the others.

Checking in daily for the announcement...

Just wondering if there's anything new we should know...

A Few Good Men is ALWAYS on TV...so....it's late and i've had a little scotch and i was just wondering...... how you doin? also watching 'Friends' reruns.

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