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Glad you like it! Can't wait to meet the girl behind the monogram!

Now why in the world did you have to show the monogram? lol I won't be able to stop thinking what Champ's name could really be. I have to say though that every girls name I can think of that starts with a V is nice.


oy vey! i love a mystery.

scanning names beginning with a V ... and an S?

I love the goodie bag, including the monogram. Can't wait to meet her; she will be as beautiful as her name. So happy for you, cousin!

On second thought I'm not real fond of Vidalia (as in onion). heehee

I love V names! Veronica, Vanessa, Vivian...all beautiful. I even like Vidalia. Great choice!

Dear Sarah, I saw this video and felt sure that you would want to see it because of Champ. Sarah Kay wrote a poem that could have been in your voice to your daughter. I hope you have a moment to see it (and maybe get the little book).


one of the ya-yas in divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood: Vivi
she was a humdinger....can't go wrong with a 'V' on one's luggage...
can't wait to see her...take care of yourself

That looks like an excellent goodie bag! And an even better monogram!

Ok Sarah. It's getting close. I have a complaint. You have not shared one full pregnancy shot. I'm betting you look adorable !!! SHARE SHARE SHARE.

So sorry The Selection didn't go, but now more time to enjoy Champ and Moose!

this time next year your smile will be from here

to here.

how's it going Sarah? hope you're doing well, I check in every few days here to see if Champ's arrived early!

(and naming is one of my favourite new baby events - and we get a delicious little teaser with her initials - yay!)

since there is no chance in hell my kiddos will ever read this i'll tell you how good Boudreaux's is.....first, de Boudreaux he from here, cher. second, my no longer i.d. challenged-aged boys took Boudreaux's with them on spring break. (and all the years they went to camp) it is general knowledge on fraternity row that wet swimsuits and sand can chafe especially during a rowdy game of beer pong so Boudreaux, he go with dem....
it does stain....boys don't mind but little ladies should be more careful who applies what to where.

we are pacing here in the waiting room. just sayin

now i'm a little concerned...i know you are busy with 100 things but please let us know how you are doing. best,

I'm so glad you posted that jerie b, I have been too - don't post often but have followed Sarah's journey via her blog nearly from the start - but hesitated to check in to see how you are going...I'm sure we're not the only ones :).

I went over to check your twitter feed to see if you had updated there but the feed is totally gone, the link is wrong and if you moved I can't find you on twitter anywhere. I hope all is well with you and you are simply too exhausted to check in, but we're all thinking about you and hoping for an update soon.

Eris, Sarah;s twitter name is @sarahmfain. A couple of people on twitter asked Elizabeth Craft if all was well with Sarah. All is evidently and Champ has not arrived yet.

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