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Just checking on Champ's arrival. So excited for you!

and let's hope someday he grows up and has enough perspective and humility to regret his thoughtlessness and do better next time. that is possible too. sending you and champ another big hug, m.

sweet dreams you two...nite nite

Is there a baby yet?

I'm checking this site once a day and anxiously awaiting Champ's arrival. Wonder if she is here yet!!

6/11 & daily check-in. Can't wait to hear about Champ's arrival!

sweet dreams...our journey continues...is moose pacing?

baby? baby?

I just keep checking and checking and checking...any day now!

Sarah, I've been reading this blog since googling the phrase starfish envy turned up listings for starfish earrings before the blog itself. I can't believe you're where you are now, and I could not be happier for you. My thoughts are with you for joy and peace and blessedness.

as the airport baggage handler in Acapulco( 100 yrs ago) told me when my luggage didn't show: 'maybee tomorrow'.....back to the waiting room

i wonder just how many people are watching you sit on your nest...
lots of love floating around here...sweet dreams...nite nite

Jerie I hope you use Twitter because Champ arrived last night and Sarah's WP posted a pic.

well, i guess when i was posting on flag day night you were busy, busy
mazel tov......thank you chris....welcome violet

sarah...geezus gawd 9lbs. 9oz she is beautiful...thanks also WP

and i just love all of you.

congratulations, sarah!!! champ is one big baby! (had to do metric cnversion to make sure ;-D)

dear sarah....i've waited a long time to say this..Welcome To The Club

'the best days are the days babies are born'..melanie wilkes..GWTW

Dear Sarah, Congratulations!! Such a beautiful baby and beautiful name! We are so thrilled for you! I hope you are both resting and relaxing and can't wait to read more about everything! xo

dear sarah and violet...we are so thankful you are doing well. please take all the time you need to settle in then we'll be ready for some more pictures...we can't wait to see Violet in her beautiful nursery...kiss every little finger and piggy, especially the ones that went wee wee wee all the way home, which, by the way is what Vilolet did too... and the sweet spot behind her neck. enjoy the bonding...she is mini-you. you did just great.

Aw Violet - what a beautiful name. And I love that the dear was born on Flag Day... my grandmother - who died in March - was born on Flag Day. It makes me feel good to know that a little one entered the world on that day.

So happy for you!!!

Hi - could those more technically (and twitter) literate than me help by spelling out exactly how to get to the pic of Sarah and Violet? Thanks!

(I had a feeling that would be her name - the day of the monogrammed bag the word cloud on the right had a big bold Violet which I clicked on and it went to the most beautiful poem...it was my Grandma's name and so I am quite fond of it)

Persistence paid off..finally! I just kept on checking and finally I see that Violet has arrived. Congratulations!! I hope that your birth experience was awesome. I am not a twitter person, so I did not know about her arrival, nor have I seen a picture, but I am sure that it will be forthcoming on here and she will be the cutest little girl around:)

jsb....I actually went and followed Sarah and Elizabeth just to get the picture of the cutie pie. If you email me at justasklori@yahoo.com, I will be happy to email you the picture:)

Thanks Lori - have sent you an email :)

Congratulations, Sarah! AG sent me the pictures. She is beautiful and you look so happy. Can't wait to meet her. Give her love from us here.

Checking in to see if your precious baby girl arrived...
Can't wait to hear how beautiful she is :)

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