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Congratulations a million times over, Sarah! I'm *so* happy for you! -mere-

I've been checking your blog regularly to make sure I didn't miss anything - so glad to read the good news! Congratulations, Sarah! Violet is just beautiful!

Congratulations!! I was so happy to read the news on twitter thanks when your WP announced Champ's arrival - to read the news from you personally now is even better :)
And what a beautiful name you for such a beautiful girl!

Your description of the past days reminded me of my brother who, after the birth of my nephew, said "It's very stressful. - But it's positive stress."

All the best to you two and the new grandparents :)

Absolutely perfect.

Aw Sarah.
Like every other post from you, this brings tears to my eyes. She's gorgeous. I'm so happy for you. And what a joy it's been to follow you along this journey and see what it's brought you. What a reward!

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful!

Well isn't she just breathtaking?! Congratulations. Welcome, Violet!

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! She's absolutely beautiful. Yay for Violet!

YAY! Congratulations! I hope you are doing OK too and recovering well from your section.

Congratulations Sarah! She is beautiful!

so gorgeous! wishing you and miss violet all the happiness you can bear! congratulations!

Wow, she's so gorgeous! Am normally a lurking reader but had to comment today and say congratulations. Do you still have starfish envy?

Congratulations! She is gorgeous, he is to the start of a brand new adventure!!

Congratulations, Sarah!! How wonderfully fantastic.

Wow! She is beautiful! And her name is so adorable, too. Hooray for a healthy gorgeous girl. :)

Congratulations!!! Champ indeed. She is beautiful!!!

awww I had a dream last night that you finally posted. There were more pictures though. hehe She's absolutely beautiful. I think she resembles you a lot.
She looks very huggable! I hope the last 10 days have been good for you. I'm sure you're learning a lot! Enjoy every second because she will grow up so fast.

I'm curious if Violet's name is because of one of DH Lawrence's poems. I remember you posting something and I had to go back and look it up.
In 2009 you said about his Nothing to Save, " I think it's just about the most hopeful and beautiful thing I've ever heard."

It's a beautiful, classy and graceful name and will grow with her her entire life!

You've been gloriously blessed and I'm so happy for you!!

Congratulations at last! Violet is a lovely name. Glad to hear you and your little beauty are being so well looked after by your parents. I bet they are over the moon to see you so happy.

Much cuter than a starfish baby. :-)

She is so beautiful and adorable!!! Congratulations!!

Congratulations! I must admit, as a loyal reader, I was expecting her name to be Svea "Coach Taylor" Fain, but Violet seems to suit her! :)

She's so pretty. She looks like a movie baby -- all clear skin and long fingers and little rosebud mouth. She's amazing. Enjoy, and welcome.

She's beautiful! And her name suits her. Congratulations!!

Congratulations Sarah! She is absolutely gorgeous! And welcome to the world Violet...

Wonderful, wonderful

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