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Congrats, congrats, congrats! She's beautiful!

Long time reader...first time poster... : )

Congratulations! Wonderful, lovely news. Welcome to your daughter!

I've been checking this site 2-3 times a day, just waiting for news. And it is here! Congratulations on the safe and happy arrival of Violet. It is such wonderful news, and such a blessing after the long journey here. I love the name :)

Congratulation! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful daughter! My daughter (It's awesome to be able to say "my daughter") also loves the name Violet.


Love her name and isn't she a beauty. Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned and yet, in the end, we get just what we wanted. Enjoy that little girl. She looks like a true keeper.

Yayyyy! Happy news! Congrats. She is beautiful.

So glad to hear she's arrived!!! :D welcome to the world Violet 'Champ' Fain! We're happy to have you here :) sending you lots of love Sarah!

PS - Violet was my second guess, after Victoria. (bugger, I was so close!)

<3 Violet!!!

Congrats!!! Such a precious girl. I am over the moon for you.

Congratulations, Sarah - and welcome to the world little Violet. You have been much loved and awaited eagerly by your mother and others. My mother's name was Violet and she could definitely have been called a Champ for her life. I wish you all the love and joy one lifetime can bring and for your mother, some time to rest and recuperate.

She's amazing! Congratulations! I love her perfectly formed fingers. Glad you're okay and look forward to hearing your story.

Welcome to the world, Violet! Congratulations Sarah! May your days be full and your night peaceful. :)

Words cannot describe how happy I am for you! She is your dream come true in a beautiful little package. So glad that you had a brilliant medical team that realized how big she would be and the other issue and went ahead with the C. Looking forward to more pictures and some of you with your precious Violet. Congratulations to you and your family and to little Violet for coming into this world with much love and an awesome Mommy:) MUAHHHHH

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Congratulations, Sarah!

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful! I'm so very happy for you!

enjoy every blissful moment...she did great. and so did you. welcome to the rest of your life...now it begins...dreams do come true.

Congratulations Sarah!!! She's so lovely - glad to hear you and Violet are both doing well. :)

Super exciting -- can't wait to hear more!

Congrats! She's a beautiful baby. So happy for you!:)

Congratulations Sarah! You have been such an inspiration to me as I go through my own starfish envy! Hoping you continue to update us on Violet's and your experiences, so that I have a reason to keep coming back to blog as I head onto my 4th IUI and hopefully my own pregnancy and bundle of joy shortly after that!!!!

Congratulations Sarah - what a wonderful end to a long journey, and the beginning of another adventure, together.

I too wonder if the name came from the poem - when you posted the picture of the tote bag with Champ's soon-to-be initials I saw Violet was very large on the categories list. Clicking on it, I was taken to the poem and thought maybe Champ's name would be Violet :).

It was my Grandma's name, so I have lots of postive associations with it and I am sure you will too.

Congratulations!!! She's beautiful.

Hooray! Congratulations! She is beautiful and you sound so happy!

Wishing your family joy and peace! Welcome to the world, Violet!!!

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