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De-lurking to say yay! And congrats! She's gorgeous.

i had to scroll down to see her before i read part one....how precious...now, back to her/your story...again,...she is beautiful..i'm so tickled for you

the best laid plans...might as well just enjoy the bench.
i know you were scared...but you did great...you just did great. now you have a daughter with a mind of her own...i think it's that apple doesn't fall from the tree thing...xoxoxo

sounds a bit scary, but hey ... look what you got in the end! she's so precious. well done, sarah!

She is so adorable!

One of my favourite quotes from a book goes something like "You can imagine 99 different ways of how things might turn out - in the end you still find yourself walking straight into scenario #100."
Maybe Champ (what a telling name indeed!) wanted it the other way. - My little nephew was in a feet-first position before he was born. Apparently there is a way to try and change that, which my brother and sis-in-law attempted, but the litte one absolutely refused to turn around. He clearly had a mind of his own, too. :) (and still has :D)

Either way, you're both Champs for making it even though it didn't go the way it was planned.

All the best for you and Violet!

Congratulations on a healthy Violet, Sarah. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out but the important thing is that she is here and healthy - and beautiful.

I am delurking to tell you that this is an amazing story. Even though Violet's method of birth is unveiled in the first sentence, there is so much more to your wonderful story. She is gorgeous.

Congratulations on a beautiful, healthy baby! I understand the disappointment of not getting the birth you want - I thought I had planned for every scenario, but never expected to develop pre-eclampsia, be induced at 39 weeks (they wanted me to induce much earlier, but I held out) and endure the most agonizing, miserable 72 hours of chemical labor I could imagine. I've come to realize very few women get that awesome totally natural at home labor that we all want - many of us gals end up in situations like ours where we have no choice but to follow doctor's orders for our own and our baby's safety. I often remind myself that had this been another time or place we may not have made it, so I'm grateful every time I look down at my beautiful boy!

She is just perfect. Hope you two are enjoying getting to know one another.

Hi, Baby!! What a beautiful miracle. The end result is the most important: Momma and Baby, healthy and happy. So happy for you, and so happy to see Miss Violet so content and sleepy! YAY for you both. xoxoxo

She's beautiful! She's here, and you're both safe and healthy. That's a win!

She is beautiful. Thank goodness for modern medicine and a midwife who is on the ball, even if you couldn't be.

The most important outcome is that you and Violet are here and healthy. Congratulations, mama!

You were a Champ too! Spoiler alert: Sarah gets the gold medal for quick recovery from a C-Section. Can't wait for the next installment of the birth story!

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