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LOL as a grandmother of 8 I have to say he's right. :-)

Nice :DD
My brother & sister-in-law made an online-photoalbum where they uploaded pictures whenever they had new ones. They stopped eventually because they simply did not have the time, but it was great for the family to see the little man grow from week to week / month to month [or whatever interval they posted the pictures in] :)
I'm pretty sure my parents would have very much wanted a one-picture-a-day-policy, too, though :)

I try to text my mom a picture each morning, during our quiet time together. Good luck!

This is when my FB account became super handy...

there can never be too many pictures to suit us so let 'er rip...since you're up

Ummm...we might ALL start threatening you if we don't get the rest of the story and more PICTURES soon. C'mom, it's not like you're busy doing anything right now anyway. *ducks and runs for cover*

LOL.. Your Dad is adorable and apparently very interested in seeing his Granddaughters progress. That is awesome! Well, guess what? So are all of us that have been following this blog and the pregnancy, so could we just get a picture of Violet without looking through something and of her eyes open and her beautiful face? Would also be nice to see a picture of Mommy and Baby too:) So happy that all is going well. Be gentle on your Dad:)

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