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Thank you for Part Two. I've been sending good thoughts and hugs. That baby and her mama are just fabulous!

Oh no! Can't wait for part three!

You made me teary-eyed with this one. You and Violet rock!

bless your heart...kiss our baby...
we moved our kiddos into their senior year place over the weekend...they were just sophomores when i joined your journey. will share some stories about that another time...this is y'all's time (that's plural in southern) sweet dreams

Sarah, right there with you. I had 2 c/sections that were only planned a few hours in advance. I ad the dropping blood pressure and the few hours wooziness, missing out a little afterwards. But you know what? It doesn't matter. Because there's lots more still to come. What matters is that you and violet are here and well, no matter what the hiccups, enjoy your baby!

I'm so glad you had all that support. Intrigued by how it went to hell, can't wait to read part 3.

HOW CAN YOU "END OF SEASON CLIFFHANGER" ME LIKE THIS?! (How awesome did your boobs look when your milk came in? I know, right?)

Congrats, Sarah! Violet is beautiful and I love her name. I'm so glad she is here safe and sound.

Congratulations with your gorgous daughter. Read your comment at Jenna's and I had to find out about your story.

Enjoy your precious little girl, a dream come true.

That was a nice story of Violet’s birth. One of the happiest moments that will happen in a mother’s life is finally giving birth to their baby. The feeling is very unexplainable and I know that’s what you felt when you first saw Violet. BTW, she looks so beautiful and healthy!

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