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She's already getting so big! And those beautiful blue eyes are to die for. Thanks for sharing

OOOOOOOO EMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEE!!! She's absolutely gorgeous! I want to eat her face! Nom nom nom nom!

Um...better keep Christi away from the baby.

It's true though, she is just precious!!!!

oh my goodness, she is darling. Look at that precious face.

Oh, what a beautiful baby! (Now I'm singing.)

She is so very beautiful!!

Such a beautiful baby!

I have about 500 pics of my baby girl on my iPhone and about 20 on the "real" camera. It's just so much easier to whip out the phone! And I do love having the camera and video so easily accessible. What did parents do before the iPhone??

Lordy, that kids is CUTE.

oh sarah...she takes my breath away. she has an old soul and she is perfect.

gorgeous! really gorgeous. well done, sarah :-)

I was so excited to see this latest picture!! She is absolutely beautiful!! Those eyes, that porceline skin...Perfection:) You must be so happy and we are all happy for you! Thank you for posting an "eyes open" pic.

Gorgeous. You may THINK old friends you haven't talked to in a while don't want to be forwarded baby picture after baby picture. You would think wrong. For this one at least. (Don't you have an assistant for these things?)

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