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Oh the cuteness!

even writers can't put those feelings into words...but i remember those feelings well. still. *glee clubs of glow worms*


I'm so happy for you. What a beautiful girl.

Well if that isn't the sweetest picture... Perfect way to start my Friday. I echo the others, I'm so happy for you.

FACE! :)

She gets more beautiful with each picture. Happy Friday!

what a cutie!

She looks so content and happy-I imagine mirroring how you feel. :)

What a difference a year makes!

Look how precious she is!! Such a patoot :) I remember reading that entry you wrote a year ago, and makes me get a little bit misty eyed. Or maybe it's just the Clomid :) ANYHOW--congrats, Sarah!

Such a special date for you and Violet! She is the cutest little girl:) Enjoy Mommyhood♥

this is the new year...L'shanah Tova ...meaning a good year...soooo,
i thought you you and a bit of advice i'll offer up and maybe one day you'll remember it
sitting in temple for over an hour is difficult for wee ones. the chairs aren't comfy, no video games...and i'm always astounded by the number of unimaginative parents drag their kids and expect them to sit still....i can truthfully say...i was never one of THOSE parents...my trick was pipe cleaners.
gave my kiddos a handful of them about 1/2 way through the service...they don't make noise when they are dropped...kids can tie them on chairs..to each other..make all kinds of things...and everyone is happy...including the people who are sitting next to young families. I carry them still...offer a few, they are gladly taken. win/win ...works in pediatric offices as well but bring lots...don't want THOSE back...
we might be the older mothers, but we are the smartest ones...trust me on that.....nite nite to the bubbelah...what a great year already.

oh by the way...it is the year 5773...who knew? we eat apples and honey. plus the brisket. and cabbage rolls. and kugel...no dieting during High Holy Days...it's against the law. keep pictures coming...she changes every day.

this is what happens when my mouth collides with wine on High Holy Days.
sheesh......sorry everyone...l'chaim

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