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That's what they're FOR, right? It's outrageous that this is an issue.


What do expect when a vocal part of the country appoints white men to dictate women's health? I think there are little cards you can print out in case you need to inform someone of your legal rights to breastfeed in public.

The irony is, the way some women dress going out to clubs probably show more boob than you do when you nurse, and you don't see them being arrested or harassed in any way. Where's the line? If you see nipple (a la Janet Jackson) or is it when they aren't on display for men's pleasure?

Bwahahaha! Indeed, that's what they're for, but (however PC I try to get I can't help looking, I don't mean to - sue me). I'd never judge another woman though. Her kid is screaming and hungry? Bring on the food. Whatever form the mother chooses.

Yes, I, personally, feel a smidge awkward and don't know where to look for a second. But that sweet baby? It don't care a bit about my society-inflicted boobie-weirdness. It's just screaming: "but, Ma, I'm HUNGRY!!! My tummy is small. I don't give a shit who is around or what's 'convenient'". And who could argue with that? :)

As Janet Jackson taught us, boobs are the most powerful force on earth. I don't know why. Perhaps we should leverage that power though... "STAND BACK, I HAVE BOOBS AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!"

I remember the stares when I breastfed my son in public. so ridiculous that this is still an issue. Sigh.

Their reaction is so 19th Century! We are so much more enlightened now, natural is best and when I fed my daughter back in the eighties, it was done discreetly anyhow. It was a nurturing moment between me, my boobs and my baby, wherever I happened to be. Gotta love breast feeding!

Ha! I have breastfed anywhere you can think of (church, shops - especially by that train table in Barnes & Noble - restaurants, parks) everywhere except a public bathroom. I did not ever cover my babies with blankets or go to great lengths to hide the tiny bit of boobflesh someone might be able to see near my armpit or my baby's mouth. (I did however buy lots of cleverly-engineered clothing).

I was always ready for someone to take me on and make a comment. No-one ever did. Was kind of disappointed... ;)

I am breastfeeding my adopted daughter. There is plenty to look at when we are in public. I have to attach the supplemental nursing system so that she gets enough milk. I'm pretty quick and discrete, but it is unusual looking if anyone catches a glimpse. A mom's got to do what a mom's got to do to take care of her little one. The best thing is that biological nursing moms I've met have been encouraged to stick with it after seeing us. The more we reclaim this simple act, the more we normalize it as an option for all moms. If my little one and I can endure the glances, comments and questions, anyone can!

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