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You are absolutely awesome!

Thanks for the article... I may have to read it a few thousand more times until I start to believe that it pertains to me, too.

You, on the other hand, look amazing! Don't even get me started on Champ... Such a cutie!!!!

very pretty.

I love that article. I'm happy to call Allison a friend and watching the piece go viral has been such a joy. Like you I resist this, on the whole, but Allison's piece has inspired me to hand the camera over now and then. Thank you for sharing these! xoxo

yikes, cannot make it through the article without crying.
Great pictures!

I was just reading that article (until I had to stop for a breather). Seeing you - so, so beautiful, as always, with the always beautiful Champ - makes me so happy. And I will finish reading that article. . . In the meantime, please keep posting pics of Champ and you! Makes us all so very happy!

I had no idea what you looked like. You're beautiful!!! Don't hide from that camera. :)

The article had the same effect on me. Going to have more pictures taken.

I really do see so much of you in Champ, not just saying that. AND! So nice to see what YOU look like! You look wonderful.

So we're over at our friends' apartment, in the Ansonia yes indeed, watching 666 Park Avenue, and the opening credits come on.....GUESS WHAT??

I'm not clear whether the laundry scenes were filmed here, but I will go to the basement laundry room to check.

I still can't figure out why they keep emphasizing they are not married. Maybe a plot point for the future??


been away..i still volunteer at my sons' high school...an annual lecture series and the author thursday was Lalita Tademy....who wrote 'Cane River'..amazing and charming..i threw a luncheon for her then dinner later that evening...enchanting story. anyway, i'm trying to catch up and what
a lovely surprise i see.

you may not be crazy about your bra strap picture but she will treasure that photo more than you know....she is a beautiful baby..perfect in fact. i wish i had 100 pictures of me (when i was little) with my mother but sadly, i don't even have 5. no record of our history except in our memories. I have several NOW, because i take them. i wish i could look at me when i was little and so do my sons... trust me on this...she will cherish those photos.

You do look great! As a longtime reader, it makes me really happy to see you and your daughter looking so joyful.

Thanks for posting the article. Made me sniffle! I love the picture of baby sleeping on your chest. Beautiful!

I haven't even read the article and I am crying already. Just seeing you so blissfully happy and Champ nestled into your chest got me started. I am so happy that you have posted pictures of the 2 of you. They are perfect... as is Violet.. :)

Thanks for the article!
I have realized lately how few pictures I am in. Over the years of marriage and motherhood, divorce, remarriage and (renewed) motherhood I have been significantly absent from all the photos of my family! It has never really been INTENTIONAL... i have never sought to hide myself from the camera. It's always just been that since SOMEONE has to take the pictures I have always been left BEHIND the lens instead of being present IN FRONT of it.
Now with a 3 week old baby I am starting to see the empty hole that this is leaving in my photo album. I have tons of pictures of the baby, with her dad and all the siblings and grandparents... but there are only 3 pictures of ME with the baby...
This is something that I need to turn around... maybe someday all my kids would want to document my prescence in their lives...

Thanks for staying in the photos! So important for moms and women everywhere. You are beautiful and so is your lovely sweet girl.

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