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So we finally figured out why E.C. needed all that reading material for the long flight. Can't wait to see your newest work--and your daughter is the cutest! :)

Awww she looks adorable. How wonderful of your Dad and StepMom to come with you. They will get a lot of time in with that cute little granddaughter and you will be at ease knowing she is in good hands while you work.

Blessings to you!!!

Thanks for the update. What a wonderful time you are having with her - and so lovely of your father and stepmother to go along with you - although I'm sure their reward is having lots of extra time with Champ. ;)

the first line of her first novel: Before I was one, I had a dog, a passport and a helluva mother.

ok everyone, we can stop trying to put some ransom $$ together.

So, so glad to read an update and see such a wonderful photo!

budapest? that's just around the corner from me! i'm in ljubljana :-)

Awwww!! I missed you guys! Who's that big girl in the pram?!

So glad to hear that all is well. I have been checking in here every so often, especially after Christmas, so nice to see that Champ is as beautiful as ever and the pilot is moving forward!! Stay Warm:)

Yay! So glad to see a new post today! Your family is the sweetest.

Wonderful update. Exciting for you to be in Budapest, exciting for Champ to be crawling and kissing!

So nice to hear how you're both doing! Love your description of your daughter, make sure that gets in her baby book!

Glad to hear you and Champ are doing well. I get periodic updates from AG, but it's always great to see the pictures. Champ is getting so big and her personality sounds a lot like her mama's (minus the biting of course). Can't wait to see everyone again and watch the pilot.

Thanks for the baby book recommendation! Been following you since the beginning and now have grandbaby 2 mos behind your little one. Bought the book "I love you through and through" and she loves it! So glad everything is going so well for you :)

I'm sure this is bad etiquette but I just read a book by a young mother of 4 who passed away from cancer before publishing. Her husband just published it and I was so surprised at how good it was. It was a wonderful read. I know you are also a young adult author so I'm reaching out in case there is a way you can help to get the word out. The husband Elden Nelson (fatcyclist.com) is an amazing fund raiser and does so much for those fighting cancer. This is a good family who could use some good luck. Thanks for your time Sarah. I know you are so busy but maybe you could pass on to correct person. Here's the link http://www.amazon.com/The-Forgotten-Gift-Interrupted-Novel/dp/0615764223/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363309636&sr=8-1&keywords=the+forgotten+gift+susan+nelson

would love to see a pic of someone's easter bonnet. with someone wearing it. take care...we miss you. has she said 'mama' yet?

Sarah, my dear...(look, I'm using CAPS like a grown-up!)

I could not let this most important weekend pass without wishing you...

Happy Mother's Day

you made it......Bless you and Violet, our little Champ...wishing you all good things...my kiddos are graduating from LSU next week...jambalaya, crawfish pie, file' gumbo..raise some hell on da bayou...I swear it was a minute ago when I was in your shoes...♥

Happy Mother's Day!
Hope you and Champ are well - have a wonderul day!

All the best! ♥

Hi! Hope all is well. Miss hearing from you!

-BB & Ella

it's somebody's birthday tomorrow...Flag Day indeed!



Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Bravo on sticking with your long TTC journey. I'm so happy you've been blessed with success! Being on the single mom TTC journey myself, I really look up to you and all you've achieved. Thank you for sharing your experiences here!

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